Online vs real relationships?


I just read a blog written by a friend of mine,  discussing the benefits of having online relationships as compared to “real” relationships.

You can read the article If you click here.

I think Jacinta’s blog raises some excellent points and I hope you will have a quick look – it is easy and interesting reading and it will help Jacinta gain some leverage online!

There are as many types of online relationships to cater for different age groups and interests as with our “face to face ” relationships. I actually met my husband online nearly nine years ago. It moved from being an online friendship into a real relationship once we met face to face a few weeks later :-).

What I enjoy most about my online interactions is the meeting of minds. I don’t know what age you are or what nationality, religion or colour you are unless you say so. It doesn’t really matter. Sometimes the cultural difference can be a real point of interest as well. I love to hear about the lives of young mums and I also love to hear from older people and their perspectives and life experiences.

I also really enjoy connecting with people who think deeply and write about life issues/eternal questions. I love to read blogs that make me laugh. Photography bloggers are great too – they can say so much with a picture and just a few words :-).

I DO tend to think about some bloggers as my friends – I may only be one of hundreds (or thousands!) of their followers but I feel I have come to know a lot about them and their lives over time. Some people have disappeared and I wonder about them and hope they are ok – just having a blog free holiday – I hope so!

So what about you? What do you enjoy reading in the blogosphere? Do you think that we are MORE ourselves online or that we try to portray an image of who we want to be?  Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know that what you see is what you get! I like it that way.



Weekly photo challenge: BIG

WordPress bloggers are asked today to include a photo of something that is BIG as compared to something else (not so big)! Here are my contributions for this week :-) My tiny teddy bear is sitting on a piece of paper the size of a business card!


West Australian State Election 1993…

Parliament House, Perth - Western Australia.

Parliament House, Perth – Western Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yesterday I was in Perth and was waiting for my husband to pick me up after an appointment. I looked across the road from where I was waiting and realised it was the Electorate Office for Greens’ Member of Parliament, Robin Chapple. This brought back some memories for me…


We had been interstate on holidays (vacation :-)) and had a stopover in Perth before returning home to the Newman in the Pilbara. It was only a few weeks out from the State Election. I picked up a copy The West Australian newspaper. It was all doom and gloom about four seats that were at risk of being lost and, if that happened, there would be a change in Government.


When I saw that Northern Rivers Electorate, where we lived, was one that was predicted to be lost, I felt I had to do something about it. My husband at the time, and I were already very involved with the local political parties. I suggested to him that I could run for the seat to help defeat the opposition. He was supportive of the idea.


When we got home I discovered several messages on my phone (we didn’t have mobiles at the time). It was Robin Chapple, from the Greens Party. He was planning to run for the Greens for the Upper House and suggested I run for the Lower House. With our preferential voting system, if I didn’t win the seat, I could choose where to direct the votes that I received. I would be able to support the current local Member of Parliament to retain his seat against the Opposition. It was one of those times when everything seems to fall into place.


I said to Robin that I could only stand for the Greens if I was comfortable with what their policies were. He was able to give up a comprehensive run down of what they believed and hoped to do. It aligned closely with my values and ideas so I agreed to give it a go!  The local paper described me as a respected Shire Councillor and community worker :-). I only had a short time to campaign for votes and had a great time of it. I even went as far as kissing babies on election day.


It was an exciting time and a lot of hard work. I don’t regret what I did, but if you asked me to do the same thing today, I would just laugh and say “No way! You must be kidding !”


And the result: our local member retained his seat in parliament but we lost government. Robin Chapple didn’t win his seat but he persevered and eventually was successful – which brings me back to the beginning of this blog!




What song can you listen to over and over again?

English: Eva Perón

English: Eva Perón (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The idea for today’s post came from Plinky Prompts.

Do you have a song that really moves you. You can listen to my favourite by clicking  Don’t Cry for me Argentina

I hope you enjoy listening to it as well. I also loved the movie Evita, starring Madonna and Antonio Banderas. It is the passion and energy in the music that I enjoy.

Please note that I don’t understand the politics behind this very political time in history! I just love the movie and the songs in it!

Ever felt alone in the world? You aren’t!

OK – I admit they WON the Grand Final for 2012 though!

I am prone to wondering who I am since resigning from full-time employment. I find myself talking about my old job and saying “we” did this or that. There is no such thing as “we ” anymore. A lot people I worked with have retired or moved onto other jobs. My memories of the workplace are carved in stone for me – not hindered by time or place. It got me thinking about how powerful the word “we” is and how many sub groups we can belong to – and we don’t always have to sign a membership form!

Firstly the meaning of the word: We (pronoun – Ist person plural) – Compact Oxford English Dictionary

  1. Used by a speaker to refer to himself or herself and one or more other people considered together.People in general
  2. Used in formal situations for or by a royal person, or by a writer to , to refer to himself or herself.
  3. You (used in a superior way)

ORIGIN  Old English

We can be used to describe an inclusive group that share the same characteristics,

  • employment titles such as engineers, nurses, I.T. professionals
  • union groups – retailers association
  • introverts and extroverts
  • members of a board or committee such a Rotary International
  • members of political parties
  • members of government or opposition
  • constituents in an Electorate area
  • members of a family – mother, daughter, aunt, father, son
  • members of a street such King George Street residents
  • members of a country or race – English, Polish, American, Libyan
  • informal groups such as a circle of friends
  • members of a religious group
  • members of an industry group – financiers, cleaners
  • interest groups – bird watchers,
  • a group with similar physical features – fat, skinny, beautiful
  • hair colour – blonde jokes
  • health status – diabetic, mentally ill
  • status on the internet such as blogger
  • supporters of football/cricket clubs

Can you think of any subgroups I forgot? I am sure there are lots :-)



Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

English: The island of Ireland, showing intern...

English: The island of Ireland, showing international border between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, traditional provinces, traditional counties, and local authority areas in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Burren, County Clare, Ireland

The Burren, County Clare, Ireland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This was a tough one for me and quite enlightening as well! To choose an item that is MINE I thought about dozens of different items in my home. Most items are shared. I also thought that if it was MINE, to qualify for that title, then it would have to be something I couldn’t easily give away or replace.

Honestly, it was hard to choose! I found that things my sons had made for me at school were at the top of the list. Then there were gifts from my husband and friends that were precious too. I settled on a brooch I bought for myself in County Clare in the Republic of Ireland (on the Burren). For some intangible reason it links me to my ancestors and is a great reminder of my trip there in 2008. I loved the landscape of the Burren – it was “other worldly”


From my previous blog: NB – The results of my recent poll were 71% in favour of Alan Jones losing his job and 29% were not in favour

Should Alan Jones be taken off air at radio 2GB


English: Julia Gillard

English: Julia Gillard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alan Jones, talk back radio host, has greatly offended many people in Australia today in a Mitt Romney style blunder. He was speaking to a group of  young Liberals (conservatives) and attacked our Prime Minister, Julia Gillard not knowing his speech was secretly being recorded. Many of you will know that her parents were hard working people who moved to Australia from Wales for a better life for their children. Their daughter, Julia, won the highest office in Australia by becoming our first female Prime Minister.

Have your say in this poll